Audi Genuine Accessories

Every Audi owner already has very particular ideas about how a luxury vehicle should look, feel, and perform. A product of our most innovative ideas, your Audi vehicle now also has the capacity to reflect your imagination as well as your lifestyle. Because you know exactly what you want.

We welcome our owners to share their ideas, desires and concepts with us, and we will do our best to work with every individual owner to equip, accessorize and design their Audi to match their unique personality.

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From Comfort and Protection to Sport and Design, find accessories that fit your Audi perfectly.


From Comfort and Protection to Sport and Design, find accessories that fit your Audi perfectly.

Audi Winter

Experience the many advantages of choosing Audi products for your winter driving needs.

Audi Boutique

Enhance your Audi experience with top-of-the-line accessories designed for the true Audi enthusiast.

Audi Exclusive

With Audi Exclusive: you decide

With Audi Exclusive: you decide. Your personal style alone defines the selection. And since a car always reflects the personality of its owner, you shouldn’t leave anything here to chance. With Audi exclusive you use your own imagination to decide how your Audi will look. Your choices make a statement that speaks for you. It’s not just a car, it’s an Audi. And it doesn’t belong to just anyone, it belongs just to you. See your dealer for details.

Audi exclusive Colors

There’s an extraordinary selection of exclusive Audi individual finishes for you to choose from. And your own ideas for other possibilities are always welcome as well.

Audi exclusive Wheels

Customize your wheels by selecting from one of many Audi exclusive spoke designs. Available only on select models.

Audi exclusive Interior

From the dashboard to the floor mats, create an interior as unique as you are. The colours available allow you the choice between harmonious matches or fine contrasts, strong tones or discreet design. Whatever combination you choose, one thing is sure: it will be your own personal style. Available only on select models.

*Audi Exclusive program is currently available for the A8 and R8 models, in Canada.